Our main varieties, established by our clients.

Red Bourbon

established variety that remits a fruity and engaging aroma, very well noted for its high acidity with full-bodied and intense residual, makes this the flagship of our specialty coffees.

Yellow Bourbon

With aromas of tropical fruits, this variety balances its sweetness with good acidity, leaving a smooth and remarkable retro taste.


Floral and exotic aroma, with spicy and sharp acidity, and still very well noted for its high sweetness that contribute to an incomparable and pleasant drink.


Chocolate aroma with notes of chestnuts and almonds, makes this an irreverent drink combining high sweetness, medium acidity and intense flavor.


Special coffee with high personality, intense aroma of peach and apricot, with a balanced, present and intense body, delicate sweet and velvety acidity.


Persistent aroma of chestnuts and walnuts, with high sweetness and smooth body, refers to this coffee a pleasant drink and appreciated to satisfy the most demanding tastes.


A Catucaí with a soft and sweet sensory, it manages to harmonize chocolate and honey notes very well, bringing a positive and pleasant experience to lovers of a delicate and pleasant drink.