Our Culture

Organizational Culture

Baú has 5 principles that form the basis of its organizational culture:

  • Be more eficient (to do more using less)

  • Focus on results

  • Keep a good work environment

  • Focus on quality

  • Innovation

How we will act

Key-attitudes to be into the 5 principles of Baú Culture:

  • More committed

  • More planned and organized

  • More proactive

  • More engaged

  • More collaborative


Why we exist and do what we do:

To produce good quality coffees being a profitable company, always looking for innovation, valuing our partners and employees and respecting the Environment.


Our macro objetives for the next 2 years (2020-2021):

To be a sustainable company, strengthened on our organizational culture and to have a solid business management.


Our philosophy and ethical principles:

  • Tradition (my plant, my Family)

  • Transparency (to be true)

  • Respect (respect to others)

  • Confidence (to be ethical and loyal)

  • Professionalism (expertise and efficiency)

  • Innovation (Kaizen application and technology transformations)

Critical Factors of Success

Key-points that define and ensure that we will act according to the structure above and we consequently will accomplish our goals:

  • Focus on reducing costs and expenses

  • Focus on the field

  • To have a productive coffee farming

  • Do selling and buying well

  • Good alignment of communication and strategy