In-home coffee consumption increases during the pandemic.

Even maintaining the consumer preference, the coffee industry believes that there is a possibility of a crisis delaying the resumption of the sector

Brazilians’ sweetheart, coffee remains firm in consumer choice. Even with the closure of coffee shops amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus, consumption of the beverage grew 35% in March, according to information from the Brazilian Association of the Coffee Industry (Abic).

For the association's president, Ricardo de Sousa Silveira, the high demand for the drink is also due to the rush of consumers to the markets and the growth in sales, mainly of products considered commodities, such as rice, beans, coffee, sugar and flour.

“This short-term run made up for the sharp drop in coffee consumption away from home. The expectation for the coming months is to maintain the levels, with a slight reduction in the search for the product at the points of sale, since the stocks kept at consumers' homes will be used ”.

The sector also registered high sales of capsules, explains Silveira. “According to the 2nd edition of the Consumption Thermometer of the global consultancy Kantar, due to the new scenario of social isolation, there was an increase of 7% in the consumption of self-prepared drinks such as coffee and tea capsules”.